Like a mouthful of Pop Rocks, Sticky’s Candy exploded into Downtown Chilliwack, developing a near-cult like clientele with an unquenchable thirst for the sugar experience.   Our stores provides the ultimate sugar experience giving you edible nostalgia in a fun, unique and novel environment. Our customers range in age from 8 months to beyond 88 years, and have an appetite for all things candy.

Since the opening of our chilliwack store, we have now branched out all over the lower mainland and fraser valley… AND we are breaking into new territory monthly! We have stores in Kamloops, Kelowna, and January 15 is our opening date for our newest Prince George location!

Part of Sticky’s Candy’s identifying attraction and appeal is our unique mix of products – we offer a wide range of confectionery products not found in traditional stores.  Grape-flavoured licorice, Candy Necklaces, Swedish Berries, Curly Wurly’s, Pez, Fun Dip, Blow Pop suckers (every flavour under the sun!), Penguin Bars, Big League Chew, Wonka Bars, Candy Sticks (in every flavor imaginable), White and Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Warheads (can’t get more sour than this), Pop Rocks, Tootsie Pops, just to name a very few. We even carry an extensive line of Pez for the nostalgia enthusiast. And if you want to really gross out your friends, we have Cricket Lick-It and Scorpion suckers, together with chocolate covered insects and candy covered ants.

Sticky’s Candy consists of friendliness, a sense of discovery and nostalgia, and being a selection leader in candy.  The customer focus is on the product, the shopping experience derived from the product, and of course the delight in enjoying the product.

We want every visit to our stores to be an experience of new candy and childhood memories. It’s a place where people leave feeling better than when they came in.


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